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Watch Gnomes on the Battlefield in This Weird New Ikea Ad

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Moving on from farmer dominatrixes, giant baby dolls, and tripped-out dance routines, Ikea's marketing team has debuted yet another eyebrow-raising TV ad, this one featuring crusading gnomes looking to, uh, take back the yard. Now, the Swedish furnishings giant has done many a strange thing to promote their wares—invaded train cars, gondolas, and city streets, for instance—but this seems to be the first time Ikea has gone the "slo-mo demise of dozens of angry lawn gnome" route. The ad runs like a scene from the final battle of an epic fantasy film—operatic choruses, cinematographic falls, explosions, and fallen heroes included—all to show off the brand's latest outdoor furnishings. Anyway, watch it here:

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