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Church Decides to Go Subtle With Giant, Light-Up Crucifix

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While it's true that the majority of history's most celebrated cathedrals are indeed vaguely cruciform, this contemporary wonder by Danish architecture firm (and pushers of man-made ski domes) CEBRA takes a good thing and, uh, dons it with the track lighting of Tron and the effusive dramatics of a Broadway production of Jesus Christ Super Star. CEBRA's design for a church in Valer, Norway, even goes so far as to partially rise from the ground—the most delicate of imagery—plus it has a stepped façade, which Architizer calls "a real 'stairway to heaven.'" Oof.

The building's interiors (below) incorporate prisms, camera obscura, and mirrors to capture and reflect light into the wood-paneled space. On the whole, the project, per the architects' description, balances "light and wood, heaven and earth, the vertical and the horizontal." Also in the design: a reflecting pool in the footprint of the town's former church, which burned down in 2009.

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