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Free People's Office Could Double as a Free People Catalog

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If office spaces are meant to reflect the services a company provides—and if Google, Apple, Foursquare, and AirBnB have taught us anything, it's that many a cool-kid company has this exact philosophy—than the Philadelphia headquarters of Free People, the retailer that sells ethereal, torn-up clothing to impeccably coiffed twenty-somethings, has not a single artisan vase, knit pouf, or exposed brick too many. The work space, recently toured by the folks over at art blog Garance Doré, boasts a book store—complete with sparsely populated shelves, lots of plants, and a library ladder—two restaurants, and a gym. Each room seems to be occupied with colorful, worldly prints, hanging plants, hand-hewn furniture, and—of course—faultless, whispy women, giving the whole place the look of an office-centric Free People catalog. Check out more photos, below.

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