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VIDEO: Verbier's New "Speed Ramp" Drops Skiers At 75 MPH

What Unofficial Networks is calling a "turbo boost" ramp will soon finally see its day. A few years ago in Verbier, Switzerland, officials of the Speed Skiing World Championships - an event where crazed maniacs in James Bond-vintage race suits and goofy bullet-shaped helmets go straight down an entire mountain in a tuck to try and break the world speed record - built a 110-foot long, 6-foot wide ramp at the top of the Mont Fort speed skiing venue since racers had maxed out the speed they could get on the venue. The plastic-lined ramp has a near-vertical pitch of 60 degrees, and it is claimed that once racers hit the bottom of it and take off onto the snow, they'll have accelerated to over 75 miles per hour.

? So that's what competitors at the Speed Masters event, which will take place on April 20th while many American skiers will be busy getting high in Colorado and Washington, will be looking like. They'll be going hell bent for leather to beat the 2006 world speed ski record set by Italian Simone Origone, which sits uncontested at a terrifyingly fast 156.2 miles per hour.

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