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Here Now, the Most 'Multi-Angled Modern Ever Constructed'

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Up for sale in Los Angeles is this "one of a kind" and "very architectural" property built like the world's largest, easiest paint-by-number kit. Indeed the house's, err, geometric appeal is so "unique" that the place was once featured on the forsaken HGTV series What's With That House?, which dubbed this place the most "multi-angled modern ever constructed." Built in 2001, the three-bedroom is asking $510K for 1,744 square feet of what the broker calls an "artist dream home." Speaking of art, does the home come with that giant dragonfly and oversized venus flytrap in the front yard, you ask? "All art pieces are excluded." Curses!

· 331 South Ave 52, Los Angeles, Calif. [Redfin]
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