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Shipping Container Pod Rebuts 'Everything's Bigger in Texas'

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Despite the ubiquity of the trend these days, for some, the idea of adapting a corrugated-steel shipping container into a house remains an incredibly intriguing endeavor. Such was the case for a San Antonio couple who enlisted architect Jim Poteet of the local firm Poteet Architects to turn a shipping container they had purchased at the Port of Houston into an affordable artists' studio or guest house. The goal," said Poteet, "was to keep it simple. We didn't take the container out of the project and try and turn it into something else."

With the entire interior space measuring 320 square feet, the results here veer into micro-home territory; plus, it's as "green" as the exterior paint is blue. To boot: the bathroom holds an electric composting toilet; the water from the shower and sink is collected in a water tank and pumped up to hydrate the roof garden; hanging from the roof, over the porch, are rubber cellular planters; and the porch deck is made of recycled air-conditioner equipment pads. Even the foundation posts have been sourced from recycled telephone poles, allowing air flow and giving easy access to the plumbing below. A look inside:

—Spencer Lamm

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