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Will the World's Next Great City be Sited On a Cruise Ship?

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While the world has no shortage of pie-in-the-sky renderings for floating cities, a new proposal by Silicon Valley start-up Blueseed is perhaps the first to invoke entrepreneurial spirit and the American Dream in its soapbox pitch. Looking for a way to give foreign-born tech entrepreneurs access to the enterprising atmosphere of Silicon Valley, the founders of Blueseed are hoping to revamp an old cruise ship to create a community, of sorts, 12 nautical miles off California's coast in international waters, so international techies could live within commuting distance without a work visa. With a simple business tourism visa, denizens of the vessel could take a 30-minute boat ride to the mainland once or twice a week. Of course, creating an inhabitale community on water—one that people would live on six months or a year at a time—requires some interior design finagling, including incorporating lots of light and open space. More below.

In true tech start-up style, the design of the floating micro-city is meant to promote the open exchange of ideas, featuring tree-lined promenades, shops, and cafés, as well as an open workspace carved into what used to be the cruise ship's buffet area.

Lots of light and bright colors are also in the plans. "You already feel isolated on a ship," Marty says. "We don't want people to feel like they're cooped up in the middle of a dark building."

Blueseed still needs $18M (of the $27M required, total) before any building can take place, but if this actually gets rolling, Mart imagines he'll charge organizations anywhere between $1,200 a month to house their employees in a shared cabin to $3,000 a month per person. Just what everyone wants to do: shack up with their coworkers!

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