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Starchitecture in Miami; Crate and Barrel's Clean Slate; More!

THE INTERNET—Do check out Curbed Miami's new Starchitecture Heatmap, which chronicles ambitious new undertakings at the hands of Bjarke, Rem, Zaha, and other architects with awesome first names. Again the question arises: is Miami America's next great architectural city? [Curbed Miami]

EVERYWHERE—Brand-new from Crate and Barrel: Clean Slate, a cleaning, organizing, and laundry collection that just this week launched online and in nine shop-in-shops around the country. The line has a distinct, cohesive aesthetic—even the eco-friendly cleaners look stylish—and features more than 150 products designed exclusively for Crate and Barrel by brands such as The Laundress, Better Life, and Max Modular. A look, right this way. [CurbedWire Inbox]

EAST HAMPTON, N.Y.—Decorating doyenne Martha Stewart will give the grounds of her Hamptons home an overhaul, she writes on her blog. Meanwhile, though, she's taking precautions for her grandkids: "A yard full of thorny roses isn't very child friendly and I decided to dig up all the roses and replant them at my farm in Bedford." Must be rough having so many houses! [The Martha Blog via Gawker]