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Renovation for Aspen's Wheeler Opera House Approved

City council approved renovations to the Wheeler that will downsize its obnoxiously large projector room, provide for more seating and legroom on the balcony, upgrade some of the projection technology, and rebuild part of the balcony that is currently sagging. The current projection room, known as "The Whale," houses 35 mm film equipment and two control stations for lighting and video, and with the implement of more current technology, the space requirements for the projection staff would be greatly reduced, opening up needed balcony space for wider seats and more legroom. The current balcony is notoriously cramped, although it's not specified whether any seats will be added or whether the current number of balcony seats will simply become more spread out.

The city has a renovation budget of $2.9 million slated for the Wheeler, and a chunk of money will go towards dismantling part of the balcony that is currently sagging and rebuilding the structure so it makes code. A Princeton, New Jersey-based firm that specializes in historical renovation projects, Mills and Schnoering Architects, will guide the project. The firm has worked on various renovations at the Wheeler before.

· Consultant details renovation of Aspen's Wheeler [Aspen Times]