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Exploring the Real Estate Ways of A-List Songstress Adele

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By the time wildly popular British singer Adele took home the Oscar for Best Original Song at this year's Oscars, her 2011 album, "21," had already sold a whopping 10 million copies and become the best selling album of both 2011 and 2012. That success translated into a huge windfall for the A&R-rep-turned-singer, who has been raking in close to $62,000 per day in royalties. She soon laid out part of that cash for a lease on Lock House, a sprawling, supposedly haunted country home in the West Sussex countryside. The mansion includes ten bedrooms, ten bathrooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis court, helicopter pad, 25 acres of private grounds, and a fancy new kitchen—where the star cooked up a storm with Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes. Apparently, the sprawling manor was always a temporary fix, while Adele fixed up a beach house on the England's southern coast. Now the Lock House is back on the market, awaiting another A-list tenant.

? A young Adele—whose father moved out when the future star was just three years old—spent her early years living with her mother in Tottenham, Brighton, briefly, and London. By the time Adele began writing her own songs, mother and daughter were living in the middle-class South London neighborhood of West Norwood, in a humble flat above this discount shop.

? Inspired by the romantic film Notting Hill, Adele chose that neighborhood for her first rental apartment in London. In fact, the future star loved the flick so much that she rented a flat above the storefront that housed the film's famous travel bookstore. Interior pictures of the humble flat are lacking, but just looking at the narrow facade and single window, this was no sprawling manor. As her career began to take off, Adele purchased a one-bedroom flat in the same neighborhood—which she later gifted to her mother—and then apparently sprung for an entire house, the address of which has been kept under wraps.

? In early 2012, Adele snapped up a beach house on "Millionaire's Row," a short stretch of whitewashed mansions on the Brighton waterfront that has attracted British celebs for decades. She spent a little less than $3.8M on the house itself, but then set about renovating the rare property to her increasingly high-brow taste. During the renovation she shacked up at Lock House, but was reportedly spooked by the sheer size of that country mansion and in late 2012, with the Brighton house still in the throes of construction, decamped to Beverly Hills.

? And this is where things get confusing. The publicity-averse star's PR people have managed to keep Adele's Los Angeles-area rental officially under wraps, but leaked details—a Beverly Hills location, a vintage bowling alley in the basement, and celebrity connection (to fellow musician Paul McCartney)—point to this Paul Williams-designed estate, currently listed for sale at $25.6M. Yes, McCartney is only a former owner of this property, but there aren't many vintage bowling alleys in pricey Beverly Hills properties, and his current digs were built too recently to be considered vintage. All of this speculation may soon be moot, however, as Adele, her longtime boyfriend, and their infant son are said to be hunting for permanent digs in the Hollywood Hills.

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