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A Look at the 'Most Incredible Treehouse You'll Ever See'

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As part of a flawless, impeccably carried-out plan to win the adoration of their grandchildren, Dallas residents Steve and Jeri Wakefield recruited semi-retired architect James Curvan to build a treehouse as cool and over-the-top as any on Earth. With 100 square feet, the structure ventures into micro-home territory; that is, if micro homes came with an outdoor staircase with four landings—"Some kids have a hard time with ladders," Curvan tells Houzz—a suspension bridge, and a zip line. Inside the (air-conditioned!) playhouse: two sleeping lofts, a kitchen with a working refrigerator, a proper foyer, a dining area, and stained glass windows. Much of the structure itself was built with reclaimed wood and stone, and, inside, Curvan has found a place for some of the Wakefields' collection of antique hardware, including old water spigots, recycled doorknobs, and scrap metal and wood blocks Curvan made into a train. Below, check out the interior shots of what Houzz calls "the most incredible treehouse you'll ever see."

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