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Crazy Pile of Houses is Actually a Tokyo Apartment Building

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Spotted over on Houzz: a Tokyo apartment building by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto that looks very much like four quintessential single-family houses suspended in the middle of the telophase of mitosis. Strange? Undoubtedly, but the project—perhaps a suburb that got left out in the sun too long—weirdly fits in with Fujimoto's random architectural opus, which also includes Taiwanese skyscrapers made of steel tubes and homes designed for Boston terriers. This is not the first half-baked plan for an architectural jumble in Asia—not by a long shot, actually, considering there are stacks of buildings planned for Indonesia and China—though this structure is totally different, mostly because it (1) is made of prototypical houses and (2) actually exists. So how does one navigate the complex? Each apartment is accessible via a maze of ladders and staircases that lace in and out of the buildings. Check out the interiors, below.

Because this is, after all, a rather avant-garde project, there is of course some nonsensical architecture babble to go along with it. Take it away, effusive project description:
"When you go up outside stairs, you will have experience that it is a wonder climbing a big mountain such as a city. It seems that you have your own house in the foot and summit of a mountain, respectively. And by the act which rises and gets down the mountain, mountain = the whole city will be experienced as its own house." Pure poetry.

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