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HemLoft To Go To Canadian Wilderness Adventures

After the hype surrounding the announcement that the creator of Whistler's infamous Hemloft, Joel Allen, was going to disassemble the clandestinely-built pod and put the materials on Craiglist for free, Allen announced that he plans on donating the structure to the growing collection of repurposed buildings at the headquarters of Canadian Wilderness Adventures, which offers snowmobile, dogsled, and ATV tours among other excursions. CWA has in the past bought a log cabin that was formerly the Whistler Chamber of Commerce and rebuilt it elsewhere, while also repurposing old train cabooses and farm equipment for a bar and a stage.

As evidenced in the video above, Allen was considering taking money for the Hemloft after the response from his Craigslist ad was so overwhelming, with many offering cash for the structure. There's no information about the details about the deal arraigned between Allen and CWA owner Allan Crawford, as the deal still seems rather fluid. Crawford indicated he might install the Hemloft somewhere as a snowshoe or dogsled destination, with a fund set up and paid for by visitors to the structure to provide grants for individuals who want to attempt similar projects. He indicated he'd be willing to pay for the Hemloft though. "I was fascinated [with the Hemloft]. It brings you back to your youth."

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