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Frank Sinatra's Old 'Villa Maggio' Party Pad Hits the Market

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There's nothing splashy spenders love more than a good Frank Sinatra connection and, say, the opportunity to drop massive amounts of cash for a weekend at Ol' Blue Eyes' famed Twim Palms estate, in Palm Springs, or scoop up the Manhattan penthouse where he lived briefly during the '60s. Heck, the crooner's name pops up in listings even when he was only a guest at some other person's house. Which is why Rat Pack obsessives will be psyched to learn that Sinatra's former five-acre retreat not far from California's Palm Desert has officially hit the market.

Villa Maggio—named after Sinatra's character in From Here to Eternity, explains—was completed in 1967 by architect Ross Patton and includes three buildings on 10 mountainous acres: a three-bedroom main house, a three-bedroom guest house, and a two-bathroom pool house. The place saw many a Rat Pack hangout and grand soirees during the 12 years that the singer called it home, and it'll be up to the next owner to keep the party alive, even if Sinatra's furnishings appeared to have died long ago. While the bones offer something of a time capsule—sloped ceilings, wood walls, panes of glass, a massive stone hearth—the current owner's decor mixes in pieces that don't all appear to come from Sinatra's era, even though the brokerbabble touts a "colorful, late-1960s eclecticism that followed the subdued, minimalist aesthetic of postwar America." Regardless, there's no piece of Sinatra-kissed architecture that won't beckon loudly to lovers of midcentury design and, obviously, Mad Men freaks. Be prepared to shell out for all this nostalgia, though: Villa Maggio is asking $3.995M.

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