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Got Three Wishes and $405K? Buy This Absurd NYC Studio

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This apartment in NYC pegs itself as "a portal to a scene out of Arabian Nights," which would be totally true if Arabian Nights was a story of a wannabe gypsy and her travails with broken mirrors, gold spray paint, and a stapler, and not, you know, a 1940s Hollywood classic. Curbed NY is nice enough to refrain from calling the studio, which comes with all manner of fire hazard-y decor, "hideous" ("This apartment does not constitute a design failure—it achieves precisely the look it's going for") but, honestly, it's really hard to look at that kitchen and think anything otherwise. So how much for this unambiguously nutso, 500-square-foot jewel box in posh Greenwich Village? $405K, which is not actually a bad price, especially considering the listing boasts "Great location, great value! Pet friendly! Apartment also comes with real life genie."

· 68 West 9th Street, NYC [Corcoran]
· $405,000 Studio Might Be a Movie Set, Might Just Be Nuts [Curbed NY]