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7 Things to Know About The Chatham Orpheum Theater

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A tipster wrote to fill us in on what's new at the Chatham Orpheum Theater. The historic building, originally constructed in 1916, is getting a full make-over and will reopen this summer as a state-of-the art movie theater. In addition, the venue will be dinner and a movie-ready by the early July opening. But wait, there's more!
· VERS, the upstairs cafe, will feature 14 table seats and 5 bars seats. The menu will be light fare, some of which will allowed into the Orpheum's two movie theaters. (Nothing that crunches, we hope.)
· Downstairs, the 19-seat restaurant will feature breakfast, lunch and take-out.

· After a siesta, the restaurant will reopen for "more refined," full dinner service. The plan is to open this space in early June.
· The dining area will have a six-foot refrigerated counter - holding daytime pastries and evening raw bar (and never the twain shall meet).
· Plans call for keeping the kitchen open late with light offerings for late-moviegoers and other night owls like folks who work in the hospitality industry. And yes, there are plans to obtain a beer and wine license.
· VERS is Dutch for "fresh" and the owners intend to "make it all from scratch." They've even designed a special climate-controlled pastry area with glass walls so patrons can watch as their orders are prepared.
· There will also be a separately run concession stand on the opposite side of the lobby.
· Restauranteurs Have Big Plans For Orpheum [The Cape Cod Chronicle]
· Photo via Chatham Orpheum Theater [official]