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BIG's Bjarke Ingels Plans Rambling Green Disc Near Paris

Because apparently the world cannot last more than a few weeks without a new fleet of ostentatious renderings begot by architecture it-boy Bjarke Ingels—the fun-loving Danish starchitect who wants to tear apart a skyscraper in Florida, erect a pyramid in NYC, and build a waste incinerator-turned-ski slope in Copenhagen—his firm, BIG has just unveiled its plans for a loping green disc to take over a suburban area in Paris. Apparently drawn to BIG's plans for an "experimental hybrid between urbanism and landscape design" (read: green roofs), the French government chose Ingels and his ilk to construct EuropaCity, a commercial metropolis slated for 80 hectares—that's 8.6M square feet!—of suburbia between the city's two airports.

So what, exactly, will be in this leisure hub? Shops, concert halls, spas, swimming pools, and—well, what do you know?—a ski slope, according to Architizer. It's all topped with a giant park, kind of like a warped green vinyl record sitting on an incredibly tricked-out shopping mall. Or, in Ingels's own words: "Center and periphery overlapped in the simultaneous coexistence of a recreational open landscape of rolling hills superimposed on an urban neighborhood of walkable streets, plazas and parks."

Interestingly enough, BIG's renderings look quite similar to that utopian, idealistic "Earth City," which, too, proposed weaving together the built environment and natural world. Though that particular project never so much as bunny-hopped off the ground.

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