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Inside Florida's Nuttiest Private 'Pink Caddy Convertible Bar'

Heads up, Grease fans: hiding in a bizarre white stucco home on the Florida Gulf is one of the most impressive home bars ever to be created, anywhere, any time, ever. The brokerbabble calls it a "a real 59 pink caddy convertible bar," which seems like a fairly apt description considering the bar is located on top of a '59 pink Cadillac. The five-bedroom home is also stocked, HGTV Million Dollar Rooms style, with a "sports theater" with four enormous TVs (50 to 60 inches each, the listing text brags with specificity), a "vintage ice cream parlor," a gym with a juice bar, a 360-degree observatory with a telescope, a "star" closet, and a diner, red (p)leather booths and all, that appears to be part of that bar. Considering one would never have to leave to actually, like, do anything, the $8.85M ask is almost forgivable. Almost.

· 111 Bonaire Lane, Bonita Springs, Fla. [Zillow]