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Mary Hart Selling Yellowstone Club Ranch For $26.5 Million

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Former Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart and husband Burt Sugarman, who produced The Richard Pryor Show among others, are selling their 160 acre Elk Horn Ranch, one of the biggest plots in the hot-cold-hot real estate market of the exclusive Yellowstone Club in Big Sky. The couple were some of the first members of the Club when it opened back in 2001, and happen to be selling the ranch because, well, they have another place in the club.

The ranch dips heavily into the log cabin vibe, with a 7,000 square foot main house with six bedrooms and seven baths surrounded by a detached garage with upstairs apartment, another building that serves as a rec room with a basement horsebarn, and a hand-hewn "wrangler cabin." Elk Horn is one of only six faux-ranches built within the confines of the Yellowstone Club, meaning that status-seekers will have plenty to brag about on the chairlift to fellow members Leo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, and Google chairman Eric Schmidt. That is, if you have the $26.5 million to burn first.

Of course, is this tony little ranch is still a little too humble for the bank account and ego, one could always hold out for the grand prize of Yellowstone Club founder Tim Blixseth's development dreams: The Pinnacle, a 56,000 square foot mega-mansion that would have occupied 600 acres with a private chairlift, ice rink, and parking garage for housing 20 or so SUVs. Blixseth had hoped to throw that one on the market for $155 million - practically the country's most expensive home ever - yet only got so far as sinking $2 million into the 1.25-mile driveway.

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