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Cartoonish Chalets Were Inspired by Barbie and Ferraris

Peeking over the crest of a dry riverbed in Gangwon-do, South Korea, are the six structures comprising Rock It Suda, a wacky, multipart vacation dwelling designed by the firm Moon Hoon and commissioned by a bass guitarist living and performing in Korea's eastern province. The design includes half a dozen fantasy vacation chalets as well as a cafe where the guitarist's band, also called Rock It Suda, performs.

Moon Hoon—which has been making noise in the world of home design most recently with its slide-equipped librarywrites that the structures, three of which taper off in the back like tadpole tails, offer unusual ways to experience "spatial contraction, expansion, and compression." Now that's nice and all, but what do the buildings, many of which are physically connected to one another, mean, exactly? Well, apparently each has a theme: one has a "Spain" feel—betting that's the one with bull horns—and the others encompass such cohesive thematic ideas as "Barbie, Stealth+Ferrari, cave, and Korean traditional house." Think the concept is strange? Wait until you see the interiors:

? "Spanish Blue" incorporates a faceted window facade and interiors covered in cumulo nimbus clouds.

? The interiors of the Ferrari-inspired space, complete with bright red tufting and black and white tiles. The exterior has a racing stripe.

? Perhaps unsurprisingly, there's nothing but fuchsia in the Barbie house. Though, frankly, the fact that there's no pink kitchen cabinetry or purple glass chandeliers like there are in Barbie's actual house, is a bit disappointing.

? The rooftop patio of the Spain part of the house.

Think this is it for wacky architecture in South Korea? Au contraire. Also in the country: a crazy hotel that's way too excited about the cantilevering trend, a building shaped like a giant handbag, and one that looks uncannily like, err, uh, a specific part of the male anatomy, let's say.

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