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Size Matters to Chilmark Voters; Daffodil Fest Security Increased; And More!

NANTUCKET - While there are no known knowns, there are unknown unknowns and therefore: "Because of widespread, heightened concerns for public safety, the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, working with the Nantucket Police Department, will increase security measures for this year's 39th annual Nantucket Daffodil Festival, from Friday, April 26 through Sunday, April 28." [Inquirer and Mirror; photo via Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce]

CHILMARK - Chilmark voters made it clear last night that they're just not into mansions, overwhelmingly passing a byaw to limit home size. "The bylaw calls for an extra layer of review for new houses 3,500 square feet per three acres and limits total living area to 6,000 square feet." [Vineyard Gazette]
WELLFLEET - Last night's town meeting approved the purchase of Tasers for Wellfleet police. "The $10,000 in the capital budget for Tasers drew negative comments from some about how the weapons can lead to cardiac arrest and sudden death and that Tasers can escalate violence. Others suggested too that the town wasn't ready for Tasers and more time was needed to develop a written policy. One person suggested that Wellfleet doesn't have the types of problems that would warrant Tasers." Alas, a majority felt the town is not Mayberry and a motion to eliminate the funding failed 135-89. [Cape Cod Times]