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Thanks For The Tip!

The spring is a time to look forward to what's ahead in skitownlandia, which likely includes less down jackets and shoveling and more tans, bicycles, golf clubs, and picnics on the mountainside. And looking forward to what's ahead requires knowing as much information, gossip, news and home listings as possible.

That's where you, Curbed Ski tipster, come in! Know about a ridiculous neighbor dispute brewing on your block? Did Ted Turner just buy all the land around your ski town? Did Mariah Carey get kicked out of the Caribou Club for causing a scene? Did your resort just announce a new expansion or piss off a bunch of guests? We want to know! Sent it all to the tipline at Photos are encouraged, and anonymity is guaranteed.

And, while we're talking, please do follow Curbed Ski on Facebook and Twitter. However you do it, thanks for tagging along!