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Technicolor Paint Job Gives Midcentury Houses a '70s Redo

Using an Andy Warhol-style stenciling method, Australian painter Paul Davies prints color onto canvas to create what he calls "portraits of space," reinvigorating the likeness of abandoned midcentury modern homes with blocks of canary yellow, teal, and sherbet orange. Visual News terms Davies' work "architecture on acid," and considering how he embues boxy forms with smudgy florals and inky pools of candy colors, it's not hard to see why. The imperfect love-era effect is only enhanced by the stencil-based inking technique; the 1970s-inspired colors—essentials like burnt orange, rust, and pool blue—blend and bleed within the hard contours of the buildings and the woobly outlines and shadows of the kidney-shaped swimming pools. The result? Stunners that would look just as lovely in a spare modern palace as they would in a disorderly, shag-lined '70s living room. See more, below.

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