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Fujimoto Debuts Plans for World's Swankiest Pile of Sticks

Tokyo-based architect Sou Fujimoto—he of tubular Taiwanese skyscrapers, modernist doghouses, and piles of single family homes—is on a mission to take up where that second little pig in the fairytale failed, creating a house of sticks that's sturdy (read: not collapsible at the first indication of a huff and a puff) as well as easy on the eyes.

Fujimoto's Geometric Forest has been proposed for the Solo Houses project, an initiative that recruits "rising star" architects from around the globe to dream up individual residences that will, when built on a plot of land outside of Barcelona, probably become the edgiest, hodge-podgiest neighborhood on the planet. The structure, a transparent box wrapped in a lattice of raw timber, is a starkly contemporary work with the woodsy feel of a tree house as well as the stunning, privacy-be-damned aesthetic of the ever-popular glass home. More photos:

Always good for a bit of highfalutin' architecture chatter, Design Boom has this to say: "Allowing the primitive elements of? nature to create the foundation of the project—wood, air, and light—the ensuing spatial orchestration provides a contemporary interpretation of 'home'."

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