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Exposed: Shadowy Figures Lurking in Listing Photos

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The shadowy figure lurking in the doorway of this $1,990,000 Truro listing is far less disturbing than the HDR abuse. Consider yourself warned. While the brokerbabble swoons over the "unequalled" views of Cape Cod Bay, we think the overcooked photo editing makes the setting look like a Thomas Kinkade painting. To be clear, we don't mean that as a compliment.

Here's a "cute as a button ranch" with 3BD, 1.5BA and a $269,000 price tag. The Centerville property is located around the corner from an association beach - on Wequaquet Lake, we presume - and features a fireplace, garage and a front yard shadowy figure.

This 5BD, 3BA in Woods Hole is asking a somewhat odd $183,200. In other words, it's a short sale. The property hit the market in May 2012 for $325,000 and has since met with the pricechopper five times. Short sale listing photos sometimes only show exteriors, but this front window shadowy figure did head inside - camera phone in hand -for a few blurry and tripod-free interior shots of the "Big Rehab Opportunity."

Finally, a classic bathroom mirror shot. This 3BD, 2BA in West Yarmouth hit the market in November 2012 for $499,000. A March meeting with the chopper brought the ask down to $475,000, shadowy figure not included.