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Print Ads Render iPhones as Architecturally Precise Prisons

The rather straightforwardly named Brazilian outdoors magazine Go Outside has launched an equally direct way of labeling technology as something as bleak and oppressive as prison. In its latest ad campaign, the magazine has rendered said technology as stifling, imposing, sun-faded penitentiaries, complete with gray brick walls and other such lifeblood-sucking architecture.

It's all the work of São Paulo ad agency Talent, which transformed an iPhone's interface (above) into a smudged concrete courtyard, a computer mouse into a guarded gray facility (below), and alarm clock into a round, high-walled bastille (bottom). Compared to the Atlantis-like ads of Moscow's architecture museum or the vegetable buildings of Uncle Ben's promo materials, these for Go Outside are a little doom-and-gloom, sure, but it's also a stunningly creative reinterpretation of what buildings look like. Look closely: there's even a sole little prisoner making a jail break.

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