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Leavenworth Home Riverside And Redwood For $1.3 Million

While having an address on a street called Icicle Road might make the kitsch-adverse among our readers cringe, the construction and location of this 4,427 square foot 3 bed, 3.5 bath home are worth a look. Situated above the Wenatchee River on 2 acres about 35 minutes from Steven's Pass ski area, this home's got a pretty awesome redwood exterior and ceiling that is about as vaulted and vaulted gets, leaving you with a light, airy feel even when it's PNW-pouring rain outside. While the "24-foot South African granite bar" might be great to brag about to friends who, uh, love South African granite, you'll probably want to swap out most of the furniture. Unless of course you're hoping to rent it as the set of Al Pacino's home in the Washington-base remake of the classic 1995 LA height movie, The Heat. The resemblance in the overall stylings are uncanny.

However, potential buyers should be warned that the listing suggests the home is only suitable for "cosmopolitan guests," so if your friends are low-class dirt bags that can't speak a second language, you should probably entertain them in the detached two-car garage instead. If you can oblige that, doll out $1.3 mil and you can move right in.

· 9284 Icicle Road Leavenworth, WA 98826 [Icicle Real Estate]