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Build a Case Study House Using Neutra's For-Sale Plans

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With Richard Neutra houses selling like hotcakes these days and his famed Cyclorama losing its bid against the wrecking ball, it may feel like the only place where the midcentury master's work—frequently the focus of a preservationist battle, it seems—remains immortal is on, say, The Simpsons. But think again: Curbed LA brings word that regular ol' non-architect folks can now buy some of Neutra's residential plans and license the rights to build them.

This is all possible thanks to a new partnership between the Neutra Office—the Neutra's son Dion is a partner there—and the California Architecture Conservancy, which decided to offer "that indescribable quality of the past" to modern buyers, as it's described in a brochure (PDF) by The Agency, the glitzy Los Angeles-based brokerage handling sales. While prices are upon request, on offer are "numerous" plans in keeping with Neutra's oeuvre of "rigorously geometric yet airy structures," including two Case Study Houses—part of the series of houses sponsored by Art & Architecture magazine from 1945 to '66—that were never actually built. Right this way for more details.

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