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Tour Amazon's Warehouse, a Paradigm of Sterile Efficiency

For its "Amazon Unpacked" series, UK's The Financial Times Weekend Magazine got photographer Ben Roberts a pass into the hyper-systematized environs of one of's ginormous—roughly the length of nine football fields—fulfillment warehouses. The facility in Rugeley, England, is an expansive structure flooded with natural light and imbued with the sterility and efficiency of a major hospital. Here, employees can walk between seven and 15 miles a day, and they don't meander; the warehouse gets 35 orders a second and worker productivity is measured via handheld device. Architizer calls it "a warehouse employee's worst nightmare," but with all the organization, light, and crisp colors, the space seems pretty ideal for a warehouse—particularly if an employee were training for a 10K or something. More below.

The Rugeley building is just one of Amazon's 80 warehouses around the world, which have in stock "everything from HD televisions to Chapstick," Architizer writes. While it's certainly a nice bit of organization porn, one's gotta admit, it hasn't quite the pizzazz of other major tech company's utilitarian spaces, particularly when it's up against Google's mystifyingly beautiful data centers.

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