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Aspen Featured In Pot-Themed Board Game

Like Monopoly for weed enthusiasts, Colorado Cannabis Craze, a board game created by a Louisville-based entertainment group in 2011, pits fake marijuana growers against each other in a race to Denver, where the player with the best strands of weed for the dispensary at the end gets to exit the game to Denver International Airport with a million bucks in cold hard (fake) cash. Players must buy six stands of cannabis over the course of the game from 8 eligible Colorado towns, with Aspen naturally hosting the most expensive strands of the game. Art further imitates life in this game, as players can get busted by Highway Patrol and even for jaywalking in Glenwood Springs (the developers' friend suffered such an experience). While deceased Aspen resident Hunter S. Thompson makes a cameo on the game's $20,000 bill, those other prominent figures of the American weed scene - namely Mexican cartels - are nowhere to be seen.

· Aspen goes to pot in new board game [Summit Daily News]