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Late Architect's Glassy Midcentury Home Listed for First Time

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Location: Los Angeles, Calif.
Price: $12,879,000
The Skinny: A Canadian native, architect John B. Parkin left Toronto in 1970 to establish a permanent office in Los Angeles—leaving behind a slew of notable commissions and his partner, the somehow-unrelated John C. Parkin. John B. took up residence in this glassy home, which he had completed two years earlier. Following his death in 1975, his son took over the architectural practice, and his father's home, which is now on the market for the very first time, asking nearly $12.9M. A four-bedroom, five-bathroom hilltop spread occupying 2.6 acres of prime Bel Air real estate, the impressive manse boasts a giant living room with towering glass on all four sides, broad patios with views of the city lights, and a swimming pool, but judging from some of the worrying brokerbabble—"many possibilities exist for this exceptional estate parcel"—this notable midcentury modern home may not be long for this world.
· Pristine Architectural [Sotheby's International Realty]