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In South Carolina, a Tailgating 'Cockaboose' Asks $299K

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For the past 23 years, the most intense fans of University of South Carolina football—of the Gamecocks, as the school's varsity teams are known—have been hunkering down in "Cockabooses," old train cars that have been converted to privately owned tailgating hubs near the stadium in Columbia, S.C. It all started in 1990, when a developer hatched a scheme to buy up 22 cabooses and a patch of land with plans to lease the mini properties as primo gameday real estate. The first 20 sold in 48 hours, and, since then, very few have been up for sale. "Definitely as far as Southern college football lore [goes] it's a pretty big deal," real estate agent and "Cockaboose expert" Whit Suber told Zillow. "Every college game day, when the games are televised, they [announcers] can't help it—they have to talk about how unique they are."

That being said, this particular cockaboose, a 270-square-foot "condo home" asking $299K, has languished on the market now for more than eight months, so apparently the dedicated alumni are not, err, coming home to roost, so to speak. Yeah, OK, $300K may be an optimistic ask for a glorified truck bed, but keep in mind that the offering, unlike the gypsy trailers and other nomad dwellings of the world, has its own bathroom, which, for pre-gaming purposes, can be a mighty significant draw. Tour the property, above.

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