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This Stunning Glass Polyhedron is Actually a McDonald's

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With all the incredibly beautiful McDonald's cropping up these days—the historic Georgian mansion in New York, the Mondrian-esque interiors in Southwestern France, the '60s-modern appeal in Duluth, Minn.—it seems the days of scarfing down Big Macs on grimy pleather booths are numbered. The latest outpost to ditch the primary colors and golden arches in favor of high-design, tailor-made structures and interiors is this contemporary shard in Batumi, Georgia, a glassy cantilevered structure with a huge sloping outdoor garden, faceted glass walls, and a large water feature.

Tapped to design a McDonald's and gas station in a busy pocket of the city, Georgian firm Khmaladze Architects drafted plans for an asymmetric structure with the restaurant as an anchor and an outdoor garden sweeping upward and backward, creating an overhang for the fuel station. Completed in October of last year, Architizer says the fast food outlet has since become something of a city landmark. More amazing photos:

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