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Cape Cod's Priciest Condo Returns to Market, Still Asking $4.3M

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Behold, Cape Cod's most expensive condo. Weighing in at 6,000 sq. ft. (or 5,960 sq. ft. according to Zillow and, so plus or minus a walk-in-closet), unit 2 at Wychmere Shores features some undeniably gorgeous views and, according to the brokerbabble, is the "pinnacle of luxury in Harwich Port." The pinnacle looks to have first hit the market last April, but is now back as a "new" listing with new-and-improved listing photos. The property sits between Wychmere Harbor and an "expansive beach overlooking the sparkling waters of Nantucket Sound." There are five bedrooms, five and a half "deluxe" baths and a high-end kitchen. What else does $4.35M get you? Membership to the beach club, of course! The club features two pools, the beach (the expansive one), waterfront dining, a gym, children's activities (whatever those are), and tennis. We don't see HOA fees listed - anyone care to guess?
· 23 Snow Inn Road, Unit 2, Harwich Port [Kinlin Grover Real Estate via Zillow]