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Take a Look at Plans For Microsoft's 'Modest' Denmark HQ

Copenhagen-based firm Henning Larsen Architects recently unveiled these renderings for Microsoft's HQ in Denmark, a four-acre masterplan of mid-rise structures Arch Daily calls "state-of-the-art, yet modest." Yes, only in the realm of Silicon Valley giants, where office spaces oft involve things like neon lights, orange groves, rolling rooftop parks, and olive orchards, is a shiny sprawl as large as this considered downright—nay, refreshingly—subdued.

What's interesting about this plan is not how many tube slides they managed to fit into the interiors—though, let's be real, that stuff should always be considered a vital part design process—but rather how the "campus" will interact with the buzzing mini-metropolis that surrounds it: Kongens Lyngby sits just north of Copenhagen. The complex will include student residences—Lyngby is home to the Technical University of Denmark—as well as retail space, a public café and a "technology area." That being said, if the plans also, down the line, made room for a couple of multistory slides, certainly nobody would object.

Henning Larsen Architects—if the name sounds familiar, it's probably because the firm is also making a hubbub nowadays for its Reykjavik Concert Hall, which just won this year's Mies van der Rohe award—and the project's developer, Danica Pension say the project, described by Dezeen as a "workplace of the future–where employees are supported in their different ways of thinking, working and collaborating through a flexible interior layout," could break ground later this year.

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