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Spring Mayhem At Tuckerman's Ravine

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Curbed Ski Editor Ryan Dunfee was on hand to witness (as well as participate in) the mayhem and madness that is New Hampshire's Tuckerman's Ravine in the springtime. The hiking (arguably the hardest part) then skiing the infamous backcountry bowl Southeast of Mount Washington's summit is a right of passage for New England skiers, along with the hundreds of others who come up simply to drink beer and ride "adult sleds" - a single ski with a seat mounted on top, in the bottom of the Ravine. Of course, by the middle of the afternoon, skiers were getting tired from the two and half-hour hike to the base of the Ravine and the thirty-plus minute bootpack straight up the steep face, which pitches up to 55 degrees in spots and can lead to bad cases of vertigo. Because of either poor decision-making or fatigue, two serious injuries went down, along with a host of less consequential but nonetheless nerve-wracking ragdolls like this one captured by Granite Films' Jim Surette. What are people doing on these kinds of runs with their dogs, anyway?

AMC Joe Dodge Lodge at Pinkham Notch

361 New Hampshire 16, Gorham, NH