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Inside an 'Exuberant' London Manse by Rafael de Cárdenas

Photos by Simon Upton/Arch Digest

Tucked into the May issue of Architectural Digest: a lavish London mansion decorated by the young and very audacious NYC-based interior designer Rafael de Cárdenas, head of the firm Architecture at Large. The homeowner isn't named in the piece, but she's described as "a philanthropic young heiress" who "liked the idea of working with a designer who was definitely on track but who wasn't a superstar yet." Cárdenas' imprint can be seen in what's now an eclectic art collection—"Raf's the one who started me thinking of it as a cohesive whole," the homeowner says—and some absurdly luxurious details: "a gleaming fiery-orange abstract sculpture by Anselm Reyle stands on a sleek Macassar-ebony plinth," there's ebonized oak paneling in the entry hall, and hand-painted de Gournay floral wallpaper clads the dining room, which also boasts a copper-leafed cabinet. A look, above.

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