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Ludicrously Overdone Party Palace Has Price Slashed by 66%

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Location: La Habra Heights, Calif.
Price: $6,995,000
The Skinny: As of September 2010, this decadent 9,000-square-foot villa in the obscure Los Angeles suburb of La Habra Heights was asking an astonishing $21M. After two long years on the market, the property was divided and the price chopped all the way down to $7M. Worse yet, it still has yet to sell. Why? Well, aside from the initial outrageous asking price, the place has some explaining to do when it comes to the oddball decor and beyond-unique features, like a fountain in the swimming pool, a Playboy Mansion-esque grotto, garish lighting, knockoff frescos, a bizarre master suite, and a basement casino stocked with slot machines. All of these extravagances were installed by the owner, the Romanian-born "trucking magnate" Nick Radoi, who hosted (and videotaped) an extravagant party at the mansion. The (probably NSFW) video features scantily-clad young women, cigar-chomping aging men, and plenty of techno beats.

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