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World's Priciest Penthouse May Hit the Market For $250M

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Plans for a penthouse atop Monaco's ludicrously expensive Odeon Tower—it's expected to be the most expensive building per square meter in the world, according to Gizmodo—is causing quite the 'quake from 557 feet above ground. Though construction on the building is underway, there's more than a year left before the penthouse itself will be a real thing; still, excited developers are already dreaming about the world's billionaires grappling over who gets the privilege of dropping some $250M on the 33,000-square-foot multistory home.

The work of Monaco-based architect Alexandre Giraldi and the firm of late, great interior designer Alberto Pinto, the 49-story Odeon Tower met with a good amount of controversy before it broke ground; in 2009, the mayor of the neighboring town of Beausoleil told a Monaco newspaper that "residents are traumatized at the idea of ??seeing it build and work ahead" and the structure would be "a real sundial shaded with immense scope, it is a real change in the urban landscape." It's doubtful the buyer of the crown jewel would be even the slightest bit deterred by the building's "Odious Tower" rap, though—the place boasts panoramic views of the Ligurian Sea, as well as, you know, an infiniti pool and water slide. If the unit hits the market at the figures being tossed around today, it would become the most expensive penthouse in the world—more than twice the cost of NYC's priciest listing, a triplex penthouse listed for $125M. Ah, but full disclosure: Fred Schiff of Knight Frank, the project's marketing team, says the current crazy floorplan is "just one thing the developers are talking about," so no need to make any hundred-million-dollar withdrawals quite yet.

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