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Harwich Port Antique is Yours for Just a Dollar. Really, $1!

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Here's a rather lovely 2,654 sq. ft. five bedroom, three and half bath antique that hit the market earlier this week. According to the brokerbabble, the circa 1750 Harwich Port house is, "A rare and unique opportunity to own a beautiful, well maintained home for $1." No, really. The asking price, which we doubt is negotiable, is just one U.S. dollar. Of course, there's a catch.

The property, on a one acre lot with views of Wychmere Harbor, last changed hands in September 2012 for $1,050,000. At the time, the listing suggested a buyer could, "Love the antique charm or build your new home." Alas, the new owners have opted for the latter and are offering the existing antique for a buck. The catch? "You pay for the cost to move the home from its current location..."

Oh, is that all? A buyer just needs George Washington plus: land and a new foundation; a contractor - preferably one who has moved houses before; permits from all towns involved (this cottage went through four towns); a crane (sort of like a chiropractic adjustment for a structure built in 1750); one or two flatbeds; a parade worthy number of police officers; and possibly $200,000 (could be less, could be more) to become the proud owner of a $1 house. As for the lifetime of eco-friendly, historic property savior bragging rights? Priceless.
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