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Eight Vital Details About Kate and Will's Country House Reno

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A local council has just greenlit the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's renovation of Anmer Hall, the 10-room English mansion that's slated to be the couple's country house once their baby's born. Located on Sandringham Estate—Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's 20,000-acre retreat—the building, built in the early 19th century, will see a whole host of changes to the grounds and access. (None, presumably, will be completed by the person who once lied about being Kate and Will's decorator.) Here's the list so far:

8. Going in next to the kitchen: a garden room designed by Charles Morris, an architect who's worked with the royal family before. (No word whether the kitchen itself has one of those Royal Wedding-themed commemorative fridges.)
7. To be installed beside the garden room: a "pergola made from stone columns with oak beams for plants to trail through, providing both shade and privacy on the patio area," according to the Daily Mail.

6. The driveway will be repositioned, elongated, and planted with trees and bushes, all to increase privacy and obstruct views of the property.
5.The main gates will be moved "so that members of the public will not be able to get so close to the house."
4. Part of the lawn will be leveled to create more parking.
3. Parishioners will soon access St. Mary's Church, right next door, via a totally new approach; the royal couple is taking over the existing entrance and rebuilding another one designed solely for congregants.
2. One building on the grounds will turned into a sitting room and bathroom suite, likely to house the couple's police officers.
1. Part of one garage will be converted into an "equipment room."

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