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Lautner's Verdant Garwood Residence Re-Lists for $15M

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Nearly a year ago, John Lautner's Garwood Residence, a verdant four-bedroom in Malibu, hit the market asking $15.9M. Back then, Curbed LA was not impressed by the estate's "weird remodeling and staging," and said the place couldn't really compare to Lautner's other for-sale properties. With no luck nabbing a buyer, the listing slunk off the market in December, only to resurface yesterday, this time with all manner of praise from, who says the "stunning" property, "one of Malibu's finest architectural homes," is "lined in luxuries." Besides ocean views, tons of beautiful foliage, and standard Lautner-style (read: gigantic) windows, the property, now asking $14.995M, boasts heated sandstone floors, a pebble-stone pool, and an outdoor steam room and shower. Yeah, it's no $50M Bob Hope mushroom house, and it's certainly less perfectly preserved than, say, Lautner's recently sold Schaffer House, but, come on, it's Malibu, it's Lautner, and, in all, it seems to be a beautiful, low-profile abode. Is it worth $15M? Ah, that is the question, isn't it?

· 28815 Grayfox St, Malibu, Calif. [ via Blog]
· John Lautner's Garwood Residence in Malibu Asking $15.9MM [Curbed LA]