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This Peppy Pile of Shipping Containers is Actually a Library

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Here's another structure to add to the ever-growing index of the world's shipping container buildings (a list that now, by the way, includes greenhouses and Starbucks): this primary-colored library that opened last month in Batu, Indonesia. Amin Library was designed by Indonesian firm dpavilion Architects to be a sophisticated meeting place for locals, who, according to Design Boom, have clashed with the village's wealthier newcomers. The library is an attempt to level the playing field between the disparate populations, offering up some 6,000 free books, a health clinic, and a brand-new, very cool-looking modern facility. The structure itself is made of seven shipping containers hulked atop steel stilts, but the interiors provide a home for popular reads, a space for science and technology books, a reading terrace, and a women's reading room. At some point, this may not be Indonesia's only structure that looks like a teetering heap of Jenga blocks, but for now it all seems pretty cutting-edge. More photos, below.

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