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Come See the Slick Tricks of a 130-Square-Foot Paris Pad

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Making use of many tried-and-true tiny-living techniques, architects Marc Baillargeon and Julie Nabucet have crafted a modern and refreshingly uncluttered apartment for a student in Paris. Once a bedroom inside a larger apartment, the 130-square-foot studio (which could be considered huge in this city), like many a micro home, is packed with custom furniture that make everyday living a study in storage sleight-of-hand.

The bed pulls out like a drawer from beneath the kitchen/bathroom landing, the coffee table nudges beneath the built-in shelving, and extra linens live under the stairs. Every necessity is boiled down until the house itself becomes a pop-up book of Finnish birch, crimson cabinetry, and gray accents. "Our approach to architecture is that the house is not so much a machine for living, but a tool for living well," Baillargeon told Wired.

The architects used a split-level technique to allow for greater storage flexibility. Because the kitchen area is raised, the bed and stairs are able to completely disappear by slipping underneath. "This studio has been created in a very intelligent and adaptable way of thinking, and with plenty of storage space and cupboards, which makes it suitable for each type of situation," Thibaut Ménard, the apartment's current resident, says.

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