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Here Now, Wacky Cliffside Homes for 'Cosmic Era Cavemen'

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If Italian architect Romano Adolini gets his way, an abandoned quarry 40 miles north of Rome, in the ancient town of Civita Castellana, will become the most recent addition to the world's collection of cave-like cliffside dwellings. He wants to carve homes out of a vertical slab of tufa—a porous variety of limestone deposited by streams and such—essentially constructing a strip of condos that look sort of like a more geometric version of the sky cells in Game of Thrones.

Adolini says the development is designed for "cosmic era cavemen" to "reinstate the cave as an archetypal dwelling that has cultural and anthropological significance in the relationship between man and nature." Sound totally dark, isolating, and lonely? Well, that's kind of the point, apparently. The project, for now simply called New Cliffside Residential Complex, would be "a new dimension of hidden isolation, of seeking silence and meditation." Bonus: the development would help preserve the post-industrial landscape, which is "destined otherwise to become illegal dumping grounds."


Per the project description: "A perimeter body of water reflects the rising walls that still bear the signs of cutting tools used to quarry, accentuating the sense of isolation and defense, equipped with wooden bridges that function as links to a system of stairways, inspired by Piranesi, a passageway of transition between exterior and interior."

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