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Truckee Contemporary Does Great Things With Wood

This 5,246 square foot Truckee contemporary is bringing a lot to the table. A mix of wooded hues, roofline angles, and a facade that undulates into and out of the surroundings like a series of bright stacked wooden shoe boxes has a really cool feel that keep this 4 bed, 6 bath feeling like a more modest ranch built out of a series of funky wooden shipping containers. A lot of south-facing glass and a straightforward fire pit patio round out the exterior offerings, while inside a collage of stained wood slats on the ceiling brings a lot of energy to the interior. The warmer tones of reds, yellows, and oranges are a more excitable palette than the uniform brown Tahoe homes are known for, and thankfully the builders exercised some restraint in keeping barely-used accessories to a minimum.

The home sits just down the meadow from Northstar overlooking the Lahontan Golf Club, so for those who lust for the pure resort experience - shredding groomers with sunglasses on and a Bogner suit in the winter, and then smacking golf balls around for 18 during the summer - there are few post-activity retreats worthy of equal architectural praise. All at $6,000,000.

· 405 Carrie Pryor, Truckee, CA [Pullen Realty Group]