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Suzanne Somers' Desert Pad Re-Lists With $20M PriceChop

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Five years ago, actress/self-help guru Suzanne Somers listed her Provence-style Palm Springs compound with a positively sanguine $35M ask. About half a second later, the price for the 65-acre estate plummeted—at one point reaching as low as $12.9M—and eventually the property was swept off the market altogether. A year ago, Somers's Domaine Montagna de Palm Springs (let's add that to the ever-growing list of ridiculous celebrity estate names) re-entered the ring with a $17.5M price tag, but again, was taken off the market soon after. And the saga continues: the Journal reports that the spread, displaced French architecture and all, is making (another) comeback, this time looking to sell for $14.5M.

The estate in Palm Springs' Mesa Canyon boasts 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms spread across five buildings. Traveling between the different structures—like, say, for a midnight snack, as the kitchen is in a different building than the master suite—one can use the private funicular (ooh la la) or a the more boring option of a golf cart. Also on the property: a guest house, a wine cellar, hiking trails, a natural waterfall and an amphitheater carved into the mountain. Take a tour, above.

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