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Inside New Jersey's Wackiest, Weirdest Gingerbread Cottage

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When a property has lingered sans buyer for nearly a year, it's tempting to rethink staging, or at the very least listing photography, yet no amount of couch-swapping will make this cottage any less alienating to shoppers looking for, you know, somewhat of a "normal" house. The rather curious little place was built in 1871 and has since been updated, yet still offers a tiny amount of space (738 square feet) and limited appeal for families (there's only one bedroom) in a family-friendly area of North Jersey.

On the positive, the cottage features "decorative ironwork, ornate woodwork, and whimsical details," as the brokerbabble puts it; plus charming interior arches, white-washed wood-beamed ceilings, stained glass accents here and there, and a cupola in the master bedroom that's been lined ever so stylishly with beadboard. There's also a balcony that looks like it crawled out of a storybook and a cool clawfoot tub in one of the bathrooms. That's where the fairytale ends, though: the home is currently asking $299,900, down from the $329,900 it asked when it originally popped up for sale just before Memorial Day last year. Hopefully a modern-day Hansel and Gretel looking for an hourlong commute into Manhattan will come rescue this maiden from further anguish on the market.

· 12 Banghart Pl., Mount Tabor, N.J. [Zillow via Hooked on Houses]