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Here Now, Tour the World's Loveliest Miniature Showhouse

Dollhouses come in all shapes and sizes, from the guts of a guitar to the innards of a tree trunk, but even in the most ambitious cases, rarely are these tiny microcosms created by professional interior designers—folks whose job it is to master space planning, proportion, and scale. Enter Jaime Rummerfield and Chris Barrett, who, along with Rummerfield's partner Ron Woodson and landscape designer Stephen Block, crafted a stunning contemporary dollhouse for the 2013 Designer Dollhouse Showcase program, which brings together 20 big-name designers to mastermind the interiors of dollhouses ranging in style from Italianate mansions to brownstones.

After being unveiled next week at a charity event in Beverly Hills, the 10 dollhouses and all of their contents—every adorable piece of furniture and thumbnail-size "magazine"—will be sold through One Kings Lane, with proceeds benefitting the UCLA Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA.

Above, Rummerfield and Barrett piece together their rather beautiful dollhouse, taking pains to place a tiny dachshund on a couch just-so, slide a leather task chair beneath a Castiglioni arc lamp, and position an impossibly small Hermès shopping bag beside a bed. In other words, hit play to watch the pros play house. And right this way for more info about the event.

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