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Barcelonians Lose Socks in the World's Slickest Laundromat

With steel cladding, concrete, and sunset lighting, Barcelona-based designer Frederic Perers has created a laundromat that may rival any number of the planet's swankiest penthouses or sushi restaurants. Splash, in Barcelona, the latest in a long list of utilitarian spaces to get a high-design upgrade—an index that includes a minimalist dentist's office, a clubby pharmacy, and a green prison— boasts "omnipresent" orange interiors that "reflect a counterpoint to warm the coldness of the metal," Perers says. It's all enough to make the space look like a nightclub you're not dressed nice enough to get into, though, upon closer inspection, one can spot folding counters, a change machine, and T-shirts hung by clothespins.

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